Why does my dog eat grass?

Thursday 16 June, 2016

Dogs are endlessly fascinating creatures. No matter how well we think we know our dogs, they can often surprise us with what they get up to. One little quirk you may have noticed is your dog occasionally channeling their inner grazing cow and munching on some grass. While there’s no need to worry about your…read more

5 habits of an incredibly happy dog

Thursday 02 June, 2016

Ever wished your dog could just tell you if they were happy? Until we figure out how to speak the same language, we need to learn how to interpret how else your dog expresses emotion. The first step to a contented canine is ensuring that your dog’s basic and essential needs are being met. This…read more

How to ease your dog’s separation anxiety

Thursday 26 May, 2016

As highly social animals, dogs aren’t naturally used to spending time alone. While many dogs readily adjust to having their family ‘pack’ scattered throughout the day, some dogs can become stressed out. Separation anxiety is characterised by behavioural signs of distress such as persistent barking, destructiveness, attempting escape or being overly clingy. Without proper treatment,…read more

6 signs your dog has separation anxiety

Thursday 19 May, 2016

Dogs love nothing more than spending time with their favourite people, especially people like you who they consider part of their family pack. Most dogs do adapt well to spending time alone, provided they receive enough exercise, entertainment and attention. However, for those dogs who don’t cope well, this can become a real problem. Separation…read more

5 ways to stop your dog barking excessively

Thursday 12 May, 2016

In the same way that we chat to convey information, barking is your dog’s way of communicating. While barking is normal, excessive barking often indicates an underlying problem. Dogs can bark excessively for many reasons such as boredom, to get attention, defend their territory or when they’re anxious. Once you determine the cause, consider these…read more

5 reasons why your dog barks too much

Thursday 05 May, 2016

Barking is a natural way for your dog to vocalise, even though it may sometimes seem like they’re barking about nothing. Dogs actually bark for many different reasons – to communicate, to show excitement, to give warning, or to simply gain attention. Barking only really becomes problematic if an occasional bark turns into excessive barking.…read more

3 fun games your dog will love

Wednesday 04 May, 2016

Regular exercise not only helps your dog maintain a healthy weight, it also provides mental stimulation and burns up excess energy. There are lots of ways to give your dog their daily fix of activity. Here are 3 fun games to engage your furry friend’s mind: 1. FIND IT A treasure hunt for your dog.…read more

5 ways to help your dog loose weight

Thursday 28 April, 2016

So … you have yourself an overweight dog. Regardless of why your dog may have packed on the pounds, the great thing about being aware your dog is overweight, is that you can start taking action. Start off by consulting your vet to find out your dog’s current weight and to get help developing a…read more

Is my dog overweight?

Thursday 21 April, 2016

We all want our dogs to be happy, but sometimes that translates into feeding our dogs too much or letting them skip out on exercise. This means your dog can start to transition from cute and cuddly into plump and pudgy. As difficult as it is to resist pleading puppy-dog eyes or to exercise your…read more

5 ways to improve your dog’s health

Thursday 07 April, 2016

Dog is not just a pet, but a treasured member of the family. And just like you, we want all members of the family to live as long, as happy and as healthy a life as possible. But despite their expressive eyes, lick-ready tongues and waggly tails, dogs are not always the best communicators. So…read more

What type of bones should I feed my dog?

Tuesday 29 March, 2016

Like most dog owners, you are probably continually looking for new ways to spoil your pet and show your furry friend how much you love them. We hope our last weeks’ post about what human foods dogs can eat gave you some ideas on how to reward your dog. Bones are often seen as rewards…read more

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Top 15 human foods your dog can eat

Tuesday 22 March, 2016

Living with a dog usually means dealing with plenty of begging at mealtimes. Even when you’re a responsible owner, it can still be tough to resist those hungry puppy eyes at your feet. If you’ve read our last week’s blog post, you probably know that many types of food can be dangerous for dogs, but…read more

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Top 15 human foods your dog shouldn’t eat

Friday 18 March, 2016

Foods that are perfectly suitable for human consumption may be toxic and even poisonous to your dog, posing a serious threat to its health and well-being. So whether you’re tempted to feed your dog the occasional table scrap or simply looking to supplement their diet, here is a list of human foods not to feed…read more

How much and how often should I feed my dog?

Tuesday 15 March, 2016

Your faithful furry friend may spend a fair amount of time staring longingly at your plate, but the ideal dog diet doesn’t revolve around table scraps. You not only need the proper dog food, but you also need to know how much to feed your dog and what type of feeding schedule works best for…read more