3 fun games your dog will love

Wednesday May 04, 2016

Dig-In-games.jpgRegular exercise not only helps your dog maintain a healthy weight, it also provides mental stimulation and burns up excess energy. There are lots of ways to give your dog their daily fix of activity. Here are 3 fun games to engage your furry friend’s mind:


A treasure hunt for your dog. But instead of gold and jewels, hide your dog’s favourite toys or treats.

Hide items in relatively obvious places, so that they’re still partially visible (such as behind doors, under tables or tucked into their bed). When the scene is set, get your dog and say ‘Find it!’ Encourage your dog to explore (perhaps with a few pointers from you) and reward them whenever a hidden treasure is discovered. Keep challenging your dog’s skills as they improve by choosing increasingly more difficult hiding spots.


Your dog is ‘it’. Play time becomes fun and educational with this dog-friendly version of call and respond.

Have you and a friend grab a handful of dog treats and stand across the room from each other. One person gives the command to come, and when your dog responds, give a reward. Keep repeating the exercise, moving further and further away from your friend to increase the challenge. Once your dog has mastered this game, try playing with three or four people in different rooms and enjoy the scramble!


Is your dog part-kangaroo? Harness your dog’s love of jumping by teaching them to jump over different objects.

Start with your dog on a leash and encourage them to walk over a low stick or broom pole by enticing with a treat. Keep repeating, raising the stick a little higher each time. Be sure to move your dog back further as the stick lifts higher, to allow space for a running start. After succeeding with a stick, try getting your dog to jump through a hula-hoop.

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