The Answers To Your Questions About Dog Digestive Health And The Facts About Dig-In

Q. How does Dig-In work?
  • Dig-in works by helping to correct the digestive processes through the use of specific food ingredients.
  • It normalises the functioning of the gut bacteria
  • It works on counteracting the effects of allergens in the system
  • Dig-in will also actively absorb mycotoxins that may have found their way into your pets stomach after your pet consumed “something” that he/she shouldn’t have eaten!
Q. Will adding Dig-In to my dog’s diet impact on his/her behaviour?

While we make no specific claim regarding your dog’s overall behaviour, during the in-home feeding trials we found that over half of the pet owners (parents) volunteered the following comments such as these:

  • “He has been a different dog – so much happier and playful.”
  • “He loves his meals and has not been scratching at all. His coat is so soft and shiny as well.”
  • “As he is quite old and has had a few health difficulties, it’s not easy to be too specific re the full effects, but I will say, he manages to come back from a bout of trouble very quickly, and with great stools and lots of quite ridiculous bounce, considering his age!!!!”
  • “Seems so energetic. Running around chasing a ball and toys more in the yard.”
Q. Will Dig-In be suitable for my puppy, mature or older pet?

Yes. Dig-In is suitable for dogs of all life stages. Yipee!

Q. How much do I need to feed my dog for it to get a healthy tummy?

The feeding instructions direct you to add 1 gram of Dig-In for each 1 kilogram of pet weight. A teaspoon holds approximately 4 grams of Dig-In, therefore if your pet weighs 10kg, you will need to add 2 ½ teaspoons to your pets diet each day. Easy!

Q. Can I over-feed Dig-In to my dog and what might happen if I do?

There is very little risk of overfeeding as Dig-In is basically a food product. So no need to worry if your dog can’t get enough of it!

Q. I feed my dog more than once a day. Do I need to add the same amount of Dig-In for every meal?

No. Dig-In is only required once a day. However, if you dog likes the extra flavour that Dig-In adds to his/her meals, you can split the amount required for your pet over every meal rather than a once a day. For example, if your dog weighs 8kg (which will require 2 teaspoons of Dig-In per day) and you feed him/her in the morning and evening with the rest of the family, you can add one teaspoon for each meal.

Q. I feed my dog the BARF diet. Will Dig-In work with the BARF diet?

Yes. Dig-In will have the exact same benefits 🙂

Q. My dog is on a weight reduction diet; will adding Dig-In help or hinder the weight loss process?

As the amount of Dig-In added to each meal is less that 5% of the total diet, it will not add a large amount of calories to your pets meal. Therefore, it should have no impact on the weight loss process. However, some owners have found it gave their dog more energy to run around and burn off more calories!

Q. Does Dig-In contain any artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives?

No! It doesn’t. Dig-In is a specific blend of food ingredients, and all these ingredients are certified food safe and have GRAS standing (which stands for “Generally Recognised As Safe”).

Q. Does Dig-In contain wheat, corn or any cereals?

No, Dig-In is free of any cereal additives which have been implicated in many pet allergies. Only vegetable fibre is added to assist with the creation of a healthy gut environment.

Q. Does Dig-In contain any dairy products?

No dairy products or by-products are used in the formulation of Dig-In.

Q. Are all Dig-In ingredients human grade?

Yes. All ingredients used in Dig-In are of the same quality that you would purchase for any other family member. We believe that this is the only way to be absolutely sure of the quality of our ingredients. After all, a dog is part of the family!

Q. Does Dig-In contain any beef, lamb or pig meats or meat by-products?

Absolutely not. Dig-In does not contain (and will never contain!) any meat or by-products derived for beef, lamb or pigs.

Q. Why do you add Fibre to the recipe?

Dig-In is a precisely designed food which has a specific action on the digestive system of your pet. This action relies on the normalisation of gut function which assists in overcoming allergic outcomes. Therefore, it is important that we use the correct soluble and insoluble digest fibres and fibre blends that will promote the growth of the correct gut bacteria. The Fibre blend used will also allow for the correct water balance to stool bulk in the lower gut – significantly reducing the risk of any nasty accidents!

Q. My dog has been ill recently, should I add Dig-In to his/her diet now or should I wait until he/she is better?

While we have seen dogs thrive on Dig-In, we want to make sure that your vet is kept informed should you wish to start your pet on Dig-In if he/she has a pre-existing illness. If you would like us to speak to your vet, please pass on our contact details below and one of our senior scientific team will be more than happy to discuss the application of Dig-In for your pet’s treatment.

Q. My dog has diarrhoea (diarrhea). Can Dig-In Help?

Doggie diarrhoea is also called “Watery stools” or “Loose poops”. As strange as it may seem, this has been a major area of dog food research for many years. In fact, WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition based in the UK has published a 5 point grading scale for the quality of doggie doo doo’s. Their scale shows a range from 1 (hard, dry and crumbly faeces, Bullet Like – their words not mine!) to a score of 5 (Watery diarrhoea).
A sudden case of dog diarrhoea can be a sign of a serious illness and can cause rapid dehydration in your pet. So a rapid onset should be treated seriously and you should go to see your vet.
However, if your pet has been leaving soft, loose or watery “messages” for you to clean up, Dig-In will certainly help to make this job a great deal easier and less painful (Smelly). Dig-in has two key impacts on the digestive system of your pet to help overcome this problem. It will help change the digestive processes and assist in adding key beneficial fibres to his/her system.

Q. My Dog is a fussy eater. Will Dig-In help my pet enjoy their food more?

A dog that has a tummy ache will not feel like eating. So poor eating can be a sign of a general digestive issue. As humans, when we have an upset tummy, we can tell someone and get something to help. You dog cannot tell you specifically what is wrong.

Therefore, our problem was to not only make sure that Dig-In had the desired effect on the digestive system but we also had to make it tasty enough for them to want to try it.

Many years ago, a fellow R&D pet food researcher told me to always remember that “The Nutritional benefit of UNEATEN dog food is ZERO.”
The first step of getting well again is to eat good food.

So with this in mind, when we formulated Dig-In, we ensured that it was designed to tempt fussy eaters.

Q. What about postage? How much does it cost and how long does it take?

Postage Australia-wide is included (FREE) with any purchase.

Your order will be posted within 3 business days and will travel via Australia Post which may take up to 10 business days.