What’s the difference between Dig-In and Dig-In Fresh?

Tuesday August 27, 2019

Dig-In Fresh has been on the market for over month now and we are really thrilled with your feedback. It’s been so great to see that so many pet owners out there willing to make a positive change to their best friends’ diet and health. If you’re reading this and you have purchased your Dig-In Fresh, give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it. If you’re sitting on the fence unsure if it’s right for you, well perhaps the below answers from Frank might help to convince you.

In a nutshell, Frank is one the masterminds behind Dig-In and Dig-In Fresh. Aside from checking that our recipes meet all the right requirements for your pet he also fields his fair share of emails and is often the first point of contact for your enquiries.
And… because you might be facing similar dilemmas, we thought we’d share some of Franks terrific responses.

Starting with this one –  What’s the difference between Dig-In and Dig-In Fresh?

Here are Frank’s thoughts… Dig-In Gravy was designed to be an Attack Dog while Dig-In Fresh is a Guard Dog!


Attack Dog
(I’m going to tear you limb from limb! Or at least ruin your shoes!)

Guard Dog
(One step over that line and you are going to get it!)


…Overall, the difference between Dig-In Gravy and Dig-In Fresh is that Dig-In Gravy was developed to provide a concentrated attack on food allergies, absorb microbial toxins, help build a healthy digestive system and to assist with improving a dog’s immune system.

Dig-In Fresh is designed to make the freshest dog food in the world. There is no dog food that is fresher than the one you make yourself.

Dig-In Fresh uses Dig-In Gravy as the base ingredient and adds a combination of essential vitamins and minerals that are crucial to deliver optimum nutrition for your dog. There is enough Dig-In Gravy in the Dig-In Fresh recipes to maintain a healthy gut microbiome, continue to assist with building the immune system and aid in providing protection against the onset of allergies. However, for a dog with severe food allergies, we recommend that you use both. Dig-In Fresh meals will help remove the source of the foods that is agitating his or her digestive system and the Dig-In Gravy will help attack the source of the problem. Essentially, we are mounting a two-pronged attack on both the effects of the allergy with the Dig-In Gravy and at the same time changing the most likely source of the allergies – the current diet!

Once the symptoms have settled, you can just feed the Dig-In Fresh recipes to maintain the resistance and help your little friend grow to be the best that he or she can be.

Dig-In Fresh recipes are designed to deliver the optimum level of nutrition together with fresh ingredients to deliver the purest juiciest meal that any dog could have. One key factor with Dig-In Fresh recipes is the ingredients. You bought the fresh meat and vegetable ingredients; you will know where they came from and how fresh they truly are. These two factors are unknowable in all store-bought pet foods. When a prepared pet food is made in a factory, the technologists need to add a range of antioxidants and treat the food using high temperatures to ensure that the final food will last up to two years for dry food and beyond that for canned food.

When it comes to looking at the raw materials used in prepared pet foods, I find the whole topic too disheartening and I will address this in a later article. By comparison, a Dig-In Fresh meal is made fresh in your home using store-bought fresh ingredients and will be consumed within a week.

In summary, Dig-In Gravy powder was developed for pet owners to help their pets overcome the effects of food allergies and build the immune system. We proudly have many happy pet owners who are regular users of Dig-In and can testify to its positive effects.

Dig-In Fresh will put your pet on a path to improved health and vitality.
So, does your little friend need the help of an attack dog to help them get rid of a pesky allergy or do they need a long-term friend who will guard their health?

If you’re interested to learn more about either of our fabulously healthful products click here and LEARN MORE.