Top 15 human foods your dog can eat

Tuesday March 22, 2016

Living with a dog usually means dealing with plenty of begging at mealtimes. Even when you’re a responsible owner, it can still be tough to resist those hungry puppy eyes at your feet. If you’ve read our last week’s blog post, you probably know that many types of food can be dangerous for dogs, but don’t despair! If you simply must find a way to give your furry friend a treat, there are plenty of human foods that fit the bill while maintaining good dog nutrition.

Here are 15 great options for tasty treats that are healthy and safe for dogs.

1. Kiwis

Kiwis are a great source of fiber, potassium and vitamin C for your dog. Keep in mind, though, that all fruits are high in sugar, so treat your dog with them in moderation.

2. Pineapple

Can dogs eat pineapple? Yes! Pineapple is also filled with beneficial vitamins and minerals, but most notably, it includes bromelain, an enzyme that’s vital for effectively digesting protein. Like kiwi, pineapple should remain an occasional treat to avoid giving your dog too much sugar.

3. Apple

An apple a day keeps the vet away, too, as it turns out. Always core the apple first and do an inspection to make sure no seeds remain, as apple seeds contain small amounts of cyanide and other toxins.

4. Zucchini

Zucchini is a great choice to add to your dog’s diet. Just make sure to introduce it slowly and pull back if there are any signs of digestive trouble.

5. Beetroot

Beets are frequently added to dog food as a good source of fiber and nutrients, so feed away!

6. Carrot

Like beets, carrots are often ingredients in commercial dog food. You can give them to your dog without concern.

7. Cucumber

Cucumbers provide trace amounts of vitamins and minerals and are a fun way for your pooch to cool down on hot summer days.

8. Pumpkin

You can serve your dog pumpkin as a source of fiber or vitamin A. As pumpkin has high fiber and water content, which are good for correcting and preventing constipation in dogs, plus can help bulk up your dog’s stool.

9. Tinned tuna

Tinned tuna is fine in moderation — as long as you take it out of the tin first! Like humans, dogs should eat tuna sparingly to avoid mercury poisoning.

10. Cooked fish

Any type of cooked fish that you can eat is likely safe for your dog, as well. Just be sure you have removed all the bones. Fatty fish like salmon or sardines are even recommended by vets, as they provide important fatty acids.

11. Salmon (cooked)

Everyone needs omega 3 fatty acids, even dogs! Salmon will help keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy and also helps boost their immune system. If you’re not into eating the salmon skin, your pup would love it!

12. Cooked pasta

Cooked pasta is fine for your dog, but keep it in moderation, as dogs shouldn’t eat too many grains. PS, be mindful as gluten in wheat is a noted allergen for some dogs.

13. Cooked rice

Rice is a frequent addition to commercial food products and is fine for your dog in moderation.

14. Cooked eggs

A cooked egg is a great treat for your furry friend and even provides beneficial fats.

15. Cooked chickpeas

Cooked and plain chickpeas are a good source of fibre and protein for your furry friend. Be mindful that canned chickpeas often contain a lot of salt, so you should thoroughly rinse them before serving them to your dog.