5 Great reasons why you should be making your own dog food with Dig-In Fresh!

Tuesday July 09, 2019

By now you’re probably familiar with our new product ‘Dig-In Fresh’ – a fantastic, easy and super nutritious way to make your dog’s meals at home. If you are not already making your dog’s meals at home here are five great reasons to start!

1. Making your own Dog Food is the ultimate gesture of affection

Preparing and serving food for loved ones is one of the hallmarks of humanity. If you’re anything like us you know that your dog is a companion like no other. They are there for you no matter the odds. Often the first to greet you when you get home after a hard day, among the first to make you smile and laugh and also the first to sit beside patiently as you face life’s challenges. For their stoicism, companionship and their innate ability to read you, we figure a healthy home cooked meal, is probably the least we can do to say ‘thank you’.

2. Nutritious, balanced eating is a cornerstone of health

New diets and new ways of manufacturing food have in many circumstances led us into poor health. By now you’re probably aware that the less processed your food is the healthier it’s likely to be. The same principle applies to pet food. But, while you have a myriad of healthy options available, what ends up in your dog’s bowl is entirely dependent on you. That’s a lot of responsibility, but we’re sure you’re up to it and remember that Dig-In Fresh makes that responsibility A LOT easier.

3. Bonding and Companionship

That affable little fella at your feet that shows up with a wagging tail no matter what, has chosen to love and follow you. Likewise, you’ve taken their livelihood into your hands. We talk to our dogs, take them for walks, treat them and make sure they’ve got a warm place to snuggle up. That glowing burst of affection that you feel when you look down at those eyes is a proven oxytocin rush (the ‘feel good’ hormone) that acts as a positive feedback loop between pet and owner – they feel it too. After making our own dog food for a while now, we can assure you that the bonding experience is greater – besides they get to lick the spoon 🙂

4. Guilt-Free – No nasties, No bad practices

We have previously touched on some of the questionable practices of the pet food industry. In summary, most manufactured dog foods are heavily processed, nutritionally suspect, full of additives and preservatives and sourced from low-quality meats. The simple truth is when you make your own dog food, you’re making a meal that uses fresh ingredients and is prepared lovingly. Guilt-free and full of health for your pet – perfect!

5. Health and Longevity for your pet

This is perhaps the best reason to start making your own pet food with our recipes and Dig-In Fresh. Dogs have become part of the family and if you’ve ever lost a dog in your life you know the unfathomable hole they leave once they’ve passed. Providing them with a nutritionally balanced meal, putting in the effort to take them for a walk and keep them entertained and exercised ensures not only that you have a healthy pet but that you make the most of your time together. Diet and nutrition are the cornerstones for a longer, fuller life and it’s the same for our pets. With that in mind we developed Dig-In Fresh to ensure that healthy, balanced meals are easier to make.

At Dig-In we believe that the bond between human and dog should be cherished, that the dog food industry is failing that bond. Our goal was to create a product to assist owners in making healthy, nutritionally balanced meals that promote long term health for their dog.

Dig-In is developed and manufactured in Australia and aims to bring health and happiness to households around the country. Our products have been developed by food scientists with a belief in lifelong health and wellbeing, an enthusiasm for experimenting with product development, and of course, a love of dogs.

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