Reddish Tear Stains on Dogs – What are they, how to get rid of them and more.

Tuesday March 06, 2018

Did you know that the reddish discolouration from your dog’s eyes can in part be attributed to poor diet and low gut health? A minor annoyance for many dog owners and more prevalent in certain breeds, those tears stains, despite being stubborn are actually manageable – here’s how.

First things first – if you’re worried or have noticed a recent change and increase in tear stains then a trip to the Vet may be in order. It’s best to rule out anything serious and then move onto what you can do at home. Certain breeds are more susceptible to tear staining due to shallow eye sockets, hair growth and even skin folds around the eyes.

What are the red stains?

Tear staining is typically the result of excessive tear production called ‘epiphora’. The reddish colour is caused by Porphyrins, which are naturally occurring molecules containing iron, hence the colour. Porphyrins are removed from the body in faeces but in pets, porphyrin is sometimes excreted through tears, saliva and urine. Epiphora is more common in certain breeds; Maltese, Lhasa Apso,

In can often be indicative of unbalanced diet and why not overly serious it can mean that your pet’s health isn’t optimum.

Removing the red tears stains

There is number of ways that can purportedly remove the tear stains from your dog. Some range from vet approved tear stain removers to at home remedies including cornstarch and peroxide, none of which we would ever endorse especially in such a sensite area as your dog’s eyes. The problem is that these cures treat a symptom and not the cause and in the case of peroxide are foten dangerous.

If you’re wanting to remove the stains immediately there are some over the counter methods available at your local pet store. We strongly suggest you do your research and use a product that is safe for your dog’s eyes. Avoid peroxides and broad-spectrum antibiotics such as Teramycin. If in doubt as always consult your vet.

How Dig-In helps to prevent tear stains in dogs

Despite being a little unsightly, it is important to remember that in most cases your dog is in no pain. The desire to get rid of the marks is often an aesthetic choice. However, the stains can often a symptom of poor diet and even food bowl choice. Rule out the obvious culprits first such as; an infected eyelash, eye infections, exposure to smoke or ear infections and switch to stainless steel food and water bowl – never use plastic containers.

Recently Dig-In was invited to submit our formula for a Japanse trial designed to reduce the red tear stains. The company used a special subset of Dig-In in the trials and witnessed a significant reduction the stains.

Based on the above trials one of the best solutions to managing the cause of epiphora is by investing in your dog’s dietary well being with Dig-In. Dig-In is a powerful pre-biotic that encourages the development of good gut health enabling your best friend to build the foundations of a strong immune system and correct digestive and other issues with continued use. We urge you to use Dig-In as a preventive of red tear stains occurring in the future.

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