Are Dog Probiotics a waste of money?

Friday August 03, 2018

Last month on Dig-In, we touched on the difference between Probiotics and Prebiotics. If you missed it you can catch up on it – here. In a nutshell, we delved into the differences and more importantly how prebiotics’ create the best environment for your dog’s good gut bacteria to grow and flourish, readying and laying the ideal foundation for probiotics to thrive and do their bit.

With that in mind, are you buying probiotics? Then the chances are that your wasting your money – that is unless, of course, you’re also sprinkling some Dig-In on your pet’s meals.

Are Dog Probiotics and Prebiotics best used together?

The answer is yes, absolutely. However, it also depends. There is a tonne of nasty bacterias and mycotoxins out there that wreak havoc on your dog’s digestive tract. There are also medications, antibiotics in particular, that bring your dog’s gut flora back to ground zero. In the case of mycotoxins, we would certainly recommend using probiotics alongside your prebiotic Dig-In, this will ensure that once the probiotics are ingested they can actually go about their business and flourish, feeding off of the prebiotics. In the cases of antibiotics and some ‘nasty’ bacterias, you’ll need to lay the foundation with prebiotics then introduce the probiotics.

Dog Probiotics and Prebiotics – The Garden analogy

At Dig-In we often think of it like gardening. Probiotics are the flowers and plants, prebiotics’ are the nutrients and water in the soil. If you buy lots of plants but have poor unhealthy soil your plants will die and you’ve wasted your money. If you’ve got good soil and keep it full of nutrients then your plants will grow – it’s the same with probiotics and prebiotics.

To answer our own question, are Probiotics are a waste of money? Unless you’re using them in conjunction with prebiotics, then almost certainly.

Dig-In is an easy to use Prebiotic powder that is simply sprinkled onto your dog’s meal. It’s called a gravy powder because Dog’s find it delicious and you can mix it with a bit of water to make the ultimate ‘topper’ for your dog’s meal.

Are you using a probiotic and sick of wasting your money – try some Dig-In, we know it will make all the difference. Order your tubs today  –