How soon will I see results using Dig-In?

Wednesday April 15, 2015
Dig-In Powder Wet Food

Pet allergies are a strange thing. Allergies caused by food can show up in many different ways. For example, it can show up as red blotchy marks on the skin, incessant scratching or ear rubbing, etc.

From our experience, after you start mixing the Dig-In Digestive Gravy Powder with your pet’s meal, you should see the first changes in your pet after 2–3 days. The first effect we have noticed is the stools will change. Usually they become firmer and easier to clean up. This is an indication that there are internal changes inside your pet’s digestive system that are being brought about by the Dig-In probiotic effect.

It will take the visible effects of the allergy, such as skin discolouration, itching and other effects longer to clear up. Dig-In will be assisting to strengthen your pet’s immune system and build up defences to the allergen, but this takes time.

We have also noticed a curious effect where several dogs with long-term food allergies have now been relieved of their allergies, but they are still scratching and rubbing themselves as they did before receiving treatment. Over the years, we have observed that, occasionally, it appears that a few dogs can develop scratching as a habit after many years of incessant itching. These poor pets may need help to break the habit.

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